John Fahey

This here fella, sure could pluck his strings
and surely, he also could do other things

but man that's some fine, fine, fine pluckin'
how fine? -you ask, and the answer is fuckin'
26.08.2011 kl. 20:20

it's whistling time

insane whistling by a charming fella
that looks like he hid someone in his cellar

08.08.2011 kl. 12:51

it's lyrics time!

we got this idea, that it would be nice
to share what we're singing, for you and your eyes

First out is a song, that i wrote when my stache
got shaved of and thrown in the trash

"Jewel on my Lip"

You were the first I ever had
and boy you made me look so rad
you put a smile upon my face

I wore you like a crown
you brought me up when i was down
you gave me style, you gave me grace

You were the jewel on my lip
you made me look so fucking hip
you went great with my blazer
I thought you were strong, that you could fight the razor

You gave me wisdom, made me think
'til you were drained down my sink
you made me look just like my dad

You won't come back because you're gone
but your spirit carries on
thanks for the good times that we had

You were the jewel on my lip
you made it hard for snot to drip
into my mouth, and down my chin
to end up on my violin

Though I one day might decide
to have sideburns by my side
I know, it just won't be the same

Just look at history, and you'll see
that mighty men had shrubbery
and look what they all became

You were the jewel below my nose
of facial hair, you were a rose
you had the sweetest smell
best of luck, i now bid thee farewell
02.08.2011 kl. 14:30

ideas grow on the side of the road

this is a nice country-song idea we came up with this morning, in borgå rock city:

Bacon, eggs and bread
is what I want for christmas

Bacon, eggs and bread
That'll do just fine

And if you don't remember
what I want for christmas

it's bacon, eggs and bread
that I want for christmas

so, to summarise

it's bacon, eggs and bread that we want for christmas.
16.07.2011 kl. 22:23

On the road again...

Hear yee people down in the south,

that 's right groupies better scream and shout.

As we go on our East Newland Tour

the number of fishermen is once again four.


On friday we rule at Old town public house.

Come join us people and please bring your spouse. 

But the very next day hell will break loose,

as Roy and the Fishermen shreds the house of the goose.

14.07.2011 kl. 13:21

inspiration for facial hair

the past few days, i have sat in my lair
and invented new styles for facial hair

with greatest effort and knowledge in "paint"
i've created three looks that i now acquaint

The Inverted Toothbrush

The Super Toothbrush (try to imagine the eyebrows are shaved off, except for the unibrow)

The Upside-Down-Moustache (or the Beardstache)

28.05.2011 kl. 18:43


harr harr harr, we've got some news!
some epic shit to introduce

for soon we have a brand new logo
which is a word that rhymes with... togo

this logo will appear on stuff
like bags that'll make you look real though

more on that later, we promise you that!
where is my twin? - said the siamese cat.
24.05.2011 kl. 18:29

a loss for heavy metal

Today was a day of sorrow
Metal has no tomorrow

The worlds best drummer died
His sticks won't hit no ride

Scott Columbus, we salute!
We'll play a fanfare on a flute

From us, and all the rest:
we hope in peace you'll rest

05.04.2011 kl. 20:23


gratitude to all of those
who dug the remix, i suppose

A flaming song, by a hot hot band
Here's some sounds from Scotland:

// Axel
05.04.2011 kl. 09:15

RATF- Cats On The Meadows (Shoulderboy remix)

Here it is, what you've waited for
The song that crushes the dancefloor
Roy And The Fishermen - Cats On The Meadows (Shoulderboy remix) by Shoulderboy
31.03.2011 kl. 19:00


Some crazy shit gon' happen
at 7 o'clock
Some crazy synths and basslines
something something rock

31.03.2011 kl. 16:32

St. Patrick's Day

"Are you guys, like, Irish?"
- we've heard them ask
something, something,
whiskey cask

17.03.2011 kl. 12:46

This weekend, in Turku Rock City

Bee-bop-a-luh-lah! It's time once again
For two gigs with these fabulous men!

If you're a-roaming in the country's southwest
On Thursday and Friday, we'll bring you our best!

The city is Turku, and the venues are nice:
Kåren, and "F" to be precise

So come, have a listen, and a drink if you wish
Sincerely, Roy and his men of fish

15.03.2011 kl. 17:13

Gig time all the time

On february twenty-fifth
At the time of the graveyard shift
In Carl's new village we will play
Hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray!

The day after that, in the city of Jake
The floor of O'leary's pub will shake
Please come, you lovely fans of ours
We'll shred on mando's and guitars

...and fiddles

10.02.2011 kl. 14:23

A magnificient fish

Boy, oh boy! How nice would it be,
If you were a fish, whose head you can't see?
18.01.2011 kl. 15:48

Roy And The Fishermen is a fresh folk act from outer space. RatF writes songs about the small, but yet important things in life, such as crazy animals, playing boardgames, mustaches and making love.
The band consists of:
Andrei Palomäki: Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Kazoo, Keyboards
Mathias Timmerbacka: Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Bass
Axel Nordman: Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer

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