Live @ Doo Bop pt. DREI

Mr. Nabb who took the shots
Shurely hit the right spots

12.01.2011 kl. 19:47

Live @ Doo Bop pt. ZWEI

Thank you mr. Nabb
For coming to the club

11.01.2011 kl. 22:14

A nice picture

Mr. Nabb documented the gig
And this is the first pic
This is us playing a jig
And boy! It looks pretty sick!

We are waiting, biting our nails
For more of his work to arrive
For these pics help us remember the details
Of that gig that we barely survived

04.01.2011 kl. 12:11

The annual pre-second-last-day-of-the-year-gig

This, my friends, will be a rime,
of victory, success!
For last night, the gig we had,
truly was a bless

The people came, they saw, we concoured
and though we don't seem humble,
we would like to thank you all,
who came to last nights rumble

Pictures will appear some time soon. Stay tuned.
30.12.2010 kl. 13:45

A gig

19.12.2010 kl. 21:22

Where the songs are heard

Oh, how we know, how much you want
to hear what songs we write
Please go to our myspace-page
and hear with all your might
'Cause on that page thou shalt find
songs of love that'll blow your mind
You'll cry yourself to sleep
Tapir Song makes one weep
30.11.2010 kl. 15:32

Promoshoot #1

Simon the Great took his machine
That can capture a moment and let it be seen
by lads and lasses, from the east to the west
We hope those people are impressed.

You may wonder what men of mystique
Can be so gorgeous, be so chic
You may wonder what music they play
It's folk motherfucker, and folk's the only way

21.11.2010 kl. 14:26

Cats on the meadows hanging around

And so the lads of this mighty band
joined together, hand in hand
to start a blog, and let you know
of matters souch as a kick-ass show

With rhymes and moving pictures we
will show you what you need to see
From ancient tunes to nasty fish
To play like this, we know you wish:

17.11.2010 kl. 12:41

Roy And The Fishermen is a fresh folk act from outer space. RatF writes songs about the small, but yet important things in life, such as crazy animals, playing boardgames, mustaches and making love.
The band consists of:
Andrei Palomäki: Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Kazoo, Keyboards
Mathias Timmerbacka: Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Bass
Axel Nordman: Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer

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