bags or t-shirts?

10.10.2011 kl. 11:42
I we were to print some shit
what would you think would be a hit?

what would you think would sell at a concert?
a nice looking bag, or a trendy-ass shirt?

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kanske ni skulle testa t-skjortor denna gång?
luftslott.ratata.fi10.10.11 kl. 17:30
Dear lads of Roy and The Fishermen, you are the tenth millionth visitor of this blog; go here to claim your prize! I hope you can see it, because it would seem Imageshack enjoys penetrating my derriere. Anyway, this is the lovechild of boredom and admiration for your band, and thus a gift from Tinses to you. Hope you find good use for it. At least I enjoyed making it. ..Jånä att ja tänkt ja sku gör en sånde. Vassego. Kanske ni kan gör nå me den. -tinses
tinses.ratata.fi14.10.11 kl. 22:40 måhända detta är en bättre länk. -tinses
tinses.ratata.fi14.10.11 kl. 23:17

Roy And The Fishermen is a fresh folk act from outer space. RatF writes songs about the small, but yet important things in life, such as crazy animals, playing boardgames, mustaches and making love.
The band consists of:
Andrei Palomäki: Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Kazoo, Keyboards
Mathias Timmerbacka: Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Bass
Axel Nordman: Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer

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