06.10.2011 kl. 11:07
yup, that's right! another gig.
even though it ain't that big

November 4th, is when it'll be
a Friday if we remember correctly

bossaliina is in Turku town
the nicest little café around

on maariankatu number one
is where we'll get this done

the exact time is to be revealed
so just keep your eyes peeled

looks cozy, doesn't it?

(and don't forget all the other gigs mentioned in the post below)

Roy And The Fishermen is a fresh folk act from outer space. RatF writes songs about the small, but yet important things in life, such as crazy animals, playing boardgames, mustaches and making love.
The band consists of:
Andrei Palomäki: Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Kazoo, Keyboards
Mathias Timmerbacka: Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Bass
Axel Nordman: Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer

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