reverbnation + other news

27.09.2011 kl. 14:35
Just a heads up, to all you guys
we're now on reverbnation, and it seems nice!

Some other stuff in the calendar as well
if you could join us, that'd be swell!

October 29th:
RATF kicks ass @ RÅCKTÅBERFEST, Turku Finland
(more info later)

November 2nd:
Roy And His merry men makes their Helsinki debut!
show up @ lepakkomies, to see us, Vintage Puppy and Spyder 550.
We have something really special in mind, so please come!
RSVP on facebook right away

November 5th:
RATF blows your minds @ Harrys Pub, Pargas
A nice pub gig with a lot of folksy stuff.

That's it for now, we hope you'll arrive
at one of these events, where we're playing live

Roy And The Fishermen is a fresh folk act from outer space. RatF writes songs about the small, but yet important things in life, such as crazy animals, playing boardgames, mustaches and making love.
The band consists of:
Andrei Palomäki: Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Kazoo, Keyboards
Mathias Timmerbacka: Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Bass
Axel Nordman: Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer

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